Catch and Release

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charles, river, smobster, lobster

Smobsters like having people around! Try bringing a teammate or two fishing with you and see if what you catch changes.

color, 26, lake

This lake seems very colorful. Maybe different fish are interested in different colors...can you change the color of your appearance somehow?

killian, pokemon

072 and 120 are the National Pokedex numbers for Tentacool and Staryu. See if you can find a keypad anywhere to enter those numbers in, then come back to the fishing pool and try again.

chapel, cakefish, strawberry, cake

Try talking to different people around the Student Center before you catch a fish.

athletics, wait

Patience is a virtue! Try waiting for different amounts of time before reeling in the fish.

Yew Labs anticipates that you will need to use the Projection Device for this puzzle.