Solution to Building Hacks

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by Danny Bulmash, DD Liu, Kat Fang

This field goal takes place around Building 14, Building 66, and the Sailing Pavilion. By the end of this field goal, you and your teammates will put up hacks, turning Building 14 into a delicious donut, and Building 66 into a boat (which, indeed, is a common hack for Building 66).

The initial Football player who tells you about the field goal suggests you find their two groups of friends in Building 14 and the Sailing Pavilion. They also tell you that you'll be able to identify their friends with the codeword "Hi Jill!" This is a nod to Jack Florey, a legend behind hacks at MIT.

For both groups, you'll need to get parts from the hack, which can be found in a nearby vending machine, and bring all the parts to a special room simultaneously to assemble the hack. Each person can only hold one item, so you'll need multiple teammates (or multiple browser windows) to finish this field goal.

In order to get a different item, you can interact with the vending machine again, and in order to throw out items, you can use a trash can located near the vending machine. (Note, these trash cans cannot be stolen by troublesome geese.) You'll automatically throw out your item if you try to go outdoors since it's important to be discreet while hacking.

Building 66 Boat Hack

Building 66 is a triangular building north of East Campus.

To get the parts for the boat, you'll need to visit the Sailing Pavilion. There's someone under the dock that'll tell you about the vending machine upstairs.

She also tells you that you'll need to bring the parts down the tunnel, where you'll find a hatch and another Jill waiting for you.

There are three different boat parts you'll need to bring to complete the field goal.

When you finish this part of the field goal, you'll get a teleporter to bring you to go see the boat hack directly.

Building 14 Donut Hack

The other group is located in Building 14.

You'll be able to get jelly beans and paint from the vending machine in Building 14. These will be used for frosting and sprinkles in the Building 14 donut hack.

There are 8 different donut parts: pink and white buckets of paint, and red, blue, green, white, pink, and orange jelly beans. Once again, each person can only hold one at a time. So you and your teammates will need to gather and bring these parts to the group located in a Building 14 room to complete this part of the field goal.

When you finish this part of the field goal, you'll get a teleporter to bring you to go see the boat hack directly.


Once you've helped both groups finish the redecorations, you complete the field goal and are rewarded with the answer MASS MATRIX.