Bounce House

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You'll need to determine the rules of this puzzle using the first two grids and what their extracted answers are. (EX and SAMPLE, respectively)

You want to pair up the outside clues together. The title may provide some inspiration for how to do this.

The clue pairs are the ones whose strings are reverses of each other. For example, in the first example the E's and the X's are paired, respectively. In the second example, EMP is paired with PME, and so on.

You want to place mirrors in the grid such that paired clues "see" each other.

Furthermore, each mirror has a letter. Clues list out the letters that the path of light bounces over, in order, explaining the reversed string nature.

There is additionally one more constraint for the mirrors which makes the second example (SAMPLE) unique. This one uses the outlined regions.

Each outlined region contains exactly one mirror. (This rule is required in order to make the second example unique.)

knows rules

For the final grid, you'll need to solve the crossword clues in order to get the strings. Some of these clues are concatenated, denoted by slashes.

knows rules

Like the earlier strings, the 16 strings that you get from solving the clues are also paired up, i.e. they are reversed from each other.

stuck at start of logic

Start with clues 6 and 16, which are paired with each other.

Next, look at how pairs 5 and 10, and 3 and 14, interact with each other.

Yes, the first mirror and the last mirror of the 4 / 7 pair is the same! This is reflected by the fact that the first and last letter in these clues are the same.


If you extract in the same manner as the previous two grids, you'll end up with a 17-letter cluephrase (enumeration 10, 7). The answer is 6 letters long.


  1. 1. Fashionable
  2. 2. Exclamation by a knight
  3. 3. Saharan desert pavement
  4. 4. It's one hour ahead of UTC / Solid water / Approx. a certain time
  5. 5. Kind of ID tag
  6. 6. Symbol for element 103
  7. 7. ____ n'est pas une pipe / Toshiba subsidiary making retail products, among others
  8. 8. Location of westernmost U.S. Mint / Death NoteDeath Note detective
  9. 9. Avg. dist. from the Earth to the Sun / Any one of three basic skills taught in schools?
  10. 10. Language code of the first part of clue 7
  11. 11. Two in Maori
  12. 12. ASCII 0x0A / Letter used to denote entropy
  13. 13. Former "do" in music
  14. 14. Mongolian yurt
  15. 15. Et ____, brute?
  16. 16. Area of ML involving maximizing a reward function