Solution to ⊥IWPE: Bonus Class

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by Justine Jang, Jingyi Zhao, Mitchell Gu, and Colin Lu

This bonus event happened on Sunday at 1pm EST. Teams were told to send 0 or 1 participants who like art. Participants were split into groups of size ~20 and given slices of a famous painting, photo or picture to draw. After slices of the picture were drawn, a moderator puts them into a Google doc and allows the participants to re-arrange the slices in order to try to recreate and recognize what the image is.

Afterwards, each group tries to ID the arranged mosaics drawn by the other groups. Each group gets 1 point for each image they correctly ID and also for each group that correctly IDs their own image.

At the end of the event, participants are given the answer to the event, which is PINEAPPLE. They need to enter this answer in order to get the prize for this bonus event, which is 100 JUICE for every round.