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Show canned hints

You should fill out the Bingo grids, as it applies to your teams progress in this current Mystery Hunt.


Some of the statements were custom generated based on your team's progress. Treat them the same way you treat the other statements. You just care about whether they are true or false.


Be careful when thinking through the statements. Note that the Infinite Corridor round has a rather large number of puzzles, each of which we consider a distinct puzzle for the purposes of these statements.


You can check your team's progress log to evaluate some of the dynamic statements.


One of the statements whose value is secretly true will give you some insight into how you can extract the answer.

extraction, heavy

There are 25 unique Bingo boards. You can arrange the boards in a 5 x 5 grid creating a 25 x 25 grid. If you fill in all the true squares, you should get a QR code which you can scan.

Print out this page and take it with you to Mystery Hunt! Refresh the page to get a new Bingo board.