Beverage Blunders

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start, id, images

Do any of these drawings look familiar? Maybe you can find out which real-life things they represent.

relate, connect, correspond

You may have noticed that the crossword-style clues are cluing some very odd things. Do any of the clue answers seem like they could correspond to the images at the top of the puzzle? Is there a pattern that allows you to transform one into another?

ordering, extraction

You may notice that the list of crossword-style clue answers is in alphabetical order. Maybe you should put them in a different order? What other orderings are given in this puzzle?


Once you've put all of the clues in the right order, read the changed letters from their corresponding drinks.

You wanted drinks, but instead you got...

  • Product containing 38 million people; some assembly required
  • A moderately large car with four-wheel drive from Marina Piccola
  • A physician who specializes in treating chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart
  • Small droplets of morning condensation on a water bubbler
  • The number of years that a crocodile-like creature has lived
  • The noise that the protagonist of Despicable Me would make if he were to imitate a cow
  • What a eucalyptus-eating marsupial shows at a bar
  • A postal service that uses very small envelopes
  • A cephalopod from New England
  • A theater script written by the actress who portrayed Nicole Roberts in Danger Bay
  • A short melody about an egg shape
  • 3.14 of a standard unit of tire pressure
  • An expert legume
  • The way Sol gives nonverbal assent
  • A lichen-like plant growing in the Alps
  • Genetic material from near the equator
A tall green bottle with a green cap. The paper wrapped around it has green and white triangles in the background and green and red parallelograms in the foreground. A small white rectangular packet with a blue logo on it. A medium-sized clear bottle with a white cap. The paper wrapped around it has some purple accents and a dark blue parallelogram in the center. A small red rectangular packet with some cherries near the top and a cartoon person at the bottom. The cartoon person's head is a pitcher full of red liquid. They are wearing a yellow jacket and blue pants, and holding a cup of red liquid. A large dark red bottle with a white cap. There is an oval logo in the center, featuring a light blue wave against a dark blue background. Below that, there is paper wrapped around the bottle, featuring a wave and some small red circles attached to small green triangles. A small blue can with a circular logo. The logo is red on the top left and dark blue on the bottom right, with a white dividing line. A large orange jug with a dark orange cap. The label has a dark orange semicircle at the top, a green rectangle in the center, and an orange that has a white-and-red straw inserted into it at the bottom left. A small, squat, blue bottle with an orange cap and gray paper wrapped around it. The paper has a lightning bolt shape cut out of it. A small, light yellow bottle with a blue cap. The paper wrapped around it has a blue circle with light rays radiating out of it above some orange, lime, and grapefruit slices. A blue bottle with a red cap. There are some white, brown, and red rectangles in the center. At the bottom is a cup of brown liquid, which is being poured into from the upper right. A medium-sized bottle containing orange fluid, rounded at the bottom, with a blue cap and a blue label. The label shows a stylized version of the bottle itself, partially obscured by a white rectangle, alongside an orange slice. A large carton with an orange top and twist cap. The carton has some leaves in the background. In the foreground, at the top, is a green, black, white, and orange label. At the bottom are two oranges supporting an orange slice. A small green can. There is a yellow shield with a green crown, containing a white silhouette of North America. The body of the shield is partially obscured by two red rectangles. At the left side of the can is a white area containing some green dots. A medium-sized orange and red jar with a brown lid. It has a brown oval label with a white rectangle and white line on it. At the bottom, a container of brown liquid with a white-and-red straw is partially obscured by a wide red rectangle. A gray container with a yellow straw sticking out of it. It has a blue label with splashing water in the background and an orange, lemon, lime, and strawberry in the foreground. There is a white rectangle near the top and an orange rectangle near the bottom. A yellow jar with a blue lid. In the background, there is a small red rectangle above a dark blue parallelogram and a light blue rectangle to the left of a dark blue rectangle. In the foreground is a brown rabbit holding a container of brown liquid with a white-and-red straw.

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