Baker House

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You'll want to fit answers into the 7x6 grid, going across. (This means that there are seven answers feeding into the meta.)

undoing, erasure, ham it up, good fat, solvable, lullaby, tinfoil

Yes, ______ is part of this meta. What (perhaps piano-themed) attribute do your answers have? This can also help fit your answers, which are more than 6 letters long, into the grid.

so, solvable

Yes, SOLVABLE is part of this meta. This one's a bit weird because you need to compress 8 letters into 6. This is because the solfege note is actually SOL, not SO.

don't know how to order, knows solfege

You'll want to arrange the answers starting with DO at the top and TI at the bottom.

extract, light

The piano and the arrow (which only goes down one row) suggests a way to extract. Do you notice anything interesting about the square that the piano is on?

extract, heavy

The piano lies on "DO". Like the piano drop, try going down from each solfege square.

Baker House is known for its piano drop.

Photograph of a piano falling with a superimposed grid