Solution to Back School To

Back to Puzzle


by Mark

The title is an alphabetization of the phrase "back to school". Following the theme, each list is a list of book titles from a children's book series, but alphabetized. In turn, the lists are themselves sorted alphabetically by the first title.

All occurrences of the letter "A" in the first list, the letter "B" in the second list etc. are replaced with an emoji that clues which book series it represents. On top of this, one additional letter from each list is emojified, serving as extraction letters.

Finally, as clued by the arrow going to a new list below, the book titles carrying extraction letters must be sorted alphabetically. Reading off the extraction letters in this new order gives the thematic final answer PLAYSETS (though solvers may also arrive at this earlier by anagramming).

EmojiBook seriesEmojified letterExtraction letterBook carrying extraction letter
🐉How to Train Your DragonAYHow to Betray a Dragon's Hero
🟢Anne of Green GablesBPAnne of Windy Poplars
🐔Artemis FowlCTThe Last Guardian
🌾Little House on the PrairieDLBy the Shores of Silver Lake
📖Diary of a Wimpy KidESRodrick Rules
⑦The Secret SevenFAGo Ahead Secret Seven
🧠The Great BrainGEThe Great Brain at The Academy
🩲Captain UnderpantsHSThe Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot