A Routine Matter

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getting started

The given notation depicts the elements from four different gymnastics routines.

they haven't identified the elements

Each of the gymnastics elements depicted is named after a gymnast. Finding all their names will clue you about what to do next.

they haven't scored the routines

You need to compute the scores that these routines would achieve if they got a perfect Execution score. The most recent Olympics Code Of Points should help you.

code of points

the code of points is at https://www.gymnastics.sport/publicdir/rules/files/en_MAG%20CoP%202017%20-%202020.pdf

short exercise penalty

Repeated elements in the same routine do not count toward calculating the short exercise penalty. For instance, the first routine only has four distinct elements, so it gets a short exercise penalty of -6.

they scored the routines (possibly with minor errors)

The flavortext says that something was added to the given total scores. The initials of the given element names, along with the (I) (II) and (III) which appear, should tell you what was added.

they scored the routines with major errors

***try to find what they're missing from their scores and let them know***


The four elements that were added have symbols that look like letters. Those four letters spell out the answer.

It looks like these were executed perfectly, but something was added to the scores.

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Total Score: 19.6 (III)

Total Score: 93.2 (I)

Total Score: 89.3 (II)

Total Score: 27.1 (I)