Solution to A Cheat Code

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by Herman Chau

Outside Stata are various graffiti-stylized texts that are revealed when we walk over them. The texts are not in any order but each is in a different color and can be put in ROYGBIV order + white. Below are the full images of the various pieces of text (a gray background is provided to improve legibility).

Clue 1 (Red): Ayers Rock
Clue 2 (Orange): Llefelys Brother
Clue 3 (Yellow): Bemani dance game
Clue 4 (Green): Catalan polymath
Clue 5 (Blue): Star Wars sidekick
Clue 6 (Purple): Lacking sharpness
Clue 7 (White): Enter after all inputs

Each of these clues has an answer that can be spelled entirely with D's, L's, R's, and U's. The clues and their answers are in the table below.

Clue Answer
Ayers Rock ULURU
Llefelys brother LLUDD
Bemani dance game DDR
Catalan polymath LLULL
Star Wars sidekick RRDD (R2-D2)
Lacking sharpness DULL

If we input the answers using the directional keys treating D as down, L as left, R as right, and U as up and then press "enter" as instructed by the white text, we complete this field goal and are provided with the answer GRADE LEVEL.