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Try to solve the puzzle as a normal crossword! But make sure you do it in your browser — do not try to print it out and solve it — and trust the crosses.

(Check the answers to any clues they provide and/or provide an answer or two. I think 9D = MARSHALL MCLUHAN followed by 15D = DAVY JONES' LOCKER are good to help teams with, as testsolvers found other reasonable and completely different 15-letter answers to those two.)

To extract, read the letters that are the same when you view across clues and down clues. (If you're overlaying the grids in an image editor to do this, make sure you aren't tricked by letters that look like parts of other letters, e.g. P and R.) Pay attention to the tense and part of speech of the clue, and to the blanks at the bottom of the puzzle.