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title, start, begin

The title hints at an action you might take, outside of the puzzle, to get started with it.

start, begin

You should try texting the phone number in the title!

hourglass, medal

The message you get with the hourglasses is telling you how many seconds (🥈s) you have to wait before you can submit another guess. It's not a clue.


You've got the right idea, this is indeed a multiplication question. But the question was presented to you as a text message in only emoji, so how should you reply?

rock.paper, scissors, lizard

Each emoji in this clue represents an item in a well-known (well, somewhat well-known) ordered set. You're certainly familiar with the variant with just the first three items; you may not have heard of the variant with lizard and one more thing. You're looking for the item to replace the question mark.

happy, smile, sad, worried, vomit

This is another well-known set. Maybe thinking about 2018 will help you. That third emoji represents disgust.

bread, lettuce, meat, cheese

What do you get when you put lettuce, meat and cheese on bread?

bunny, rabbit, ears

There's some crazy emojis out there. This clue is about one you may not have heard of. Try interpreting the third emoji and the fourth/fifth emoji in the clue as a phrase.


The dash should be interpreted as "subtracting" one shape from the other. What result do you get?


Write down all the countries on the list. Or type them out. See if you notice anything they have in common.

If not, try googling them all together once you've identified enough of them.

What is missing?

fruit, kiwi, pineapple, coconut

This is a system of equations where the variables are fruits. Each line is a separate equation. What is the value of coconut?

underconstrained, strawberry, apple, grape, banana, equations

This is another system of equations, but with a twist. There are multiple possible solutions in terms of numbers, but there's something else that apple is equal to.

underconstrained, strawberry, apple, grape, banana, equations

This is another system of equations, but with a twist. There are multiple possible solutions in terms of raw numbers, but there is exactly one other fruit that apple must be equal to.

bee, storm

The number 5 is an enumeration; that is to say, the word you're looking for is five letters long.

bee, rain, storm

If we were less tricky, we might have used the emoji 🅱️ instead of 🐝. In 🌧️, you don't care about the cloud, just what it's dropping.

mouse, rat, mice, rats, back

As with the previous clue, the (4) is an enumeration indicating the number of letters in the answer.

Those are rats, not mice.

rats, back

🔙 is indicating a transformation you should perform on the word RATS.

carrot, comet.shuffle

Each of 🔚☄️ and 🔀🥕 should be parsed independently, then you should put them together to make the answer.


These clocks represent letters using a common puzzlehunt encoding.

bicycle, candy, moon, point, sparkle, 1982

This is an extremely abbreviated plot summary of a movie released in 1982.

eye, tape, tv, calendar, skull

The correct interpretation of the calendar emoji is "days". Like the last one, this clue is the plot summary of a 2002 movie.

arrows, arrow

You might find graph paper helpful for this part.

clap, phone, japan

Good job! 👏👏👏 You're finished. Call in 📞➡️ the five letter answer (on the puzzle page).

If you sent a text message to the phone number in the title of the puzzle, cool things would happen!

During the hunt, this puzzle was available by text message. That number is no longer functional, but puzzlers can use the simulator below as a replacement.