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Just like in the prior two rounds, you must backsolve this puzzle using its metapuzzle, Level One, whose answer is LEGACY.


You should index each number on the metapuzzle page into its corresponding answer to get a six-letter clue. The period is important!

You can associate each answer with a well-known MIT alum.


The current arrows all emanate from the center of the circle and aren't pointing at anything. You'll need to reposition each arrow to proceed.

Using the website for One.MIT 2020, reposition each arrow such that it starts from the location of one of the alumni clued by the answer. You'll need to determine which arrow corresponds to which answer, and you'll need to figure out how to use the arrows to get the answer: LEGACY.


All the letters in the answer LEGACY can be found in the words MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY or MENS ET MANUS.


Each arrow starts from one of the MIT alumni clued by the answer, and points to a large letter on the One.MIT seal. These letters are L, E, G, A, C, and Y in order.

You should have one arrow remaining, and you should know where that arrow points to . Now you just need to zoom in on its start and identify a famous MIT graduate located there.

This may seem daunting (there are so many names!) but you should in fact try to do this.


Another approach is to look up famous alumni on One.MIT in the hopes of finding the one at the position you are interested in.


Yes! The missing alumnus is Richard Feynman. Now you're looking for an answer that begins with the letter T (to complete the phrase ONE.MIT) that is associated with Feynman.

You answer should also be an appropriate answer to the question posed on this puzzle's page.

You found ⊥IW.nano! But it’s so small, and the grad students don't have enough space for their stuff! What can you tell them?