This fruit’s signature effect works via a protein that binds to certain mouth receptors in low pH environments. (★ ✜)

The coiner of this term credits the result to a group of men who studied at his university and subsequently returned to their home country to implement economic reforms. (★ 2 ✤)

This event was made possible in part by a lengthy halt order made by the leader of the opposition, which was considered to be an enormous tactical blunder. (★ 2 ◉)

Despite the fact that the vehicle involved in this incident sunk fully, it was eventually recovered and is now on display in a museum in North Carolina. (★ 2 3 ‡)

Although this event refers to a critical game played between the two geopolitical rivals, the underdog didn't clinch the gold medal until two days later. (★ 2 ✿)

This bird managed to survive the incident that made it famous largely because its jugular vein and brain stem remained intact and the wound itself clotted over. (★ ⌘)

This local-area bar is known for its distinctive menu which is formatted like a periodic table. (★ 2 ☉)

This condiment made its debut at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair and quickly became a huge success. (★ ❊)

Of the papers published during this time period, the author is best known for the last two, but won his Nobel Prize for the first. (★ ◈)

★ Sudoku