Endgame View Solution

The other universe is in trouble! There must be some matter from this universe that is still causing disturbances over there. Professor Hemlock has dispatched researchers around ⊥IW to pinpoint the source, and they report the following measurements:

RoundMeasurement (in meters)
AthleticsThe number of eggs to deliver times the number of goose tasks, plus the numbers of violet coins in space, legendary fish, and football routes.
StudentsThe product of the atomic numbers of Joshua and Anderson.
TunnelsThe number of ghost passages on the outside border times the number of skeletons (don't forget the meta!), plus the total number of ghost passages.
Yew LabsAUO SNTD UAALJIYL PUE PAJPUNY OML. Hmm, I think that may have gotten flipped...
Infinite CorridorThe number of the first puzzle with answer FINELY.
⊥IW.nano5 times the sum of the number of puzzle-giving kilotechnicians and the number of puzzle-giving milli bots.
Stata Center4 times the sum of the length of the paths in the room with a compass on the floor and the room mentioning “what you need is a sail".
ClustersThe number you would get if the building 3 keypad said "145" and you then pressed "7".
Green BuildingThe number you would get if you put "red green white" on a telephone.
Charles RiverThe three-digit number that would take the string "PLICAS" to the word "REPLICATE" (using only common words along the way).

Meanwhile, Yew Labs researchers are criss-crossing MIT to collect measurements from this side:

RoundLocationMeasurement (in meters)
AthleticsEntrance to Z center (building W35)223
StudentsEast entrance to Student Center (building W20, right next to Anna’s Taqueria)222
TunnelsAccessible entrance to building 7 basement151
Yew LabsBeneath the walkway between building 9 and 33114
Infinite CorridorEntrance to the infinite corridor in Lobby 7 (right next to MIT seal)150
⊥IW.nanoNortheast corner of the exterior of MIT.nano (building 12)25
Stata CenterThe bottom of the ramp/stairs in front of Stata Center (building 32)16
ClustersNortheast corner of the exterior of building 5627
Green BuildingCenter of the Dot (the circular grass patch in front of Green Building/building 54)29
Charles RiverNortheast corner of Sailing Pavilion (building 51)198

Where is the problem localized?