Park Rules & Guidelines

This is not a puzzle.

We hope you have a wonderful time in Penny Park this weekend! In order to ensure maximum enjoyment for all you brilliant puzzlers in attendance, we want to make sure that you are familiar with our Park Rules and Guidelines.

Generating Buzz

We’re looking forward to you visiting all the attractions in the park. Every time you successfully experience an attraction, you’ll generate a small amount of Buzz about this place. The more Buzz you create, the more we’ll be able to open up new areas of the park for you to explore. And… if you’re able to generate enough Buzz, we just might not have to close the park.

Solving Attractions

We hear you’re experts in dealing with puzzles. Fantastic! When you think you have an answer for a puzzle, click on the SUBMIT button at the top of your screen. This will pull down an area where you’ll be able to enter your answer. Once you submit, Penny Park will automatically check to see if the answer is correct and let you know instantly. You won’t receive a phone call confirming an answer.

Submit Queue and Rate Limiting

This new ease of checking answers invites an obvious question — should you pepper an attraction with dozens of faintly plausible answers just on the off-chance they’re right? We’d prefer that you don’t. We’re excited to offer the convenience of instantaneous answer checking, but this depends on park guests not abusing it. We expect both forward and backsolving, and that’s fine, but we kindly ask you to submit answers only when you have some confidence in them. In addition, Penny Park has guardrails to discourage wild guessing. If you submit many answers rapidly for a given attraction, the park may queue up and delay checking those guesses. If that happens, you can remove queued answers, but the delay will remain. (If you feel you've been incorrectly or egregiously delayed, please contact guestservices@pennypark.fun.)


How often have you spent time at a park waiting for hours just to see something new and exciting? That’s why we’re proud to offer our guests PennyPasses, which are convenient ways to get immediate access to a NEW attraction in the land of your choice. Passes will be awarded for attending our exciting Events, while others may be awarded over time as a way of making sure that there’s always something fun to see or do!

You will receive a notification when you’ve acquired a pass. To redeem one, go to Guest Services and select for which land you’d like to see a new puzz… oh, we mean, attraction!

Note: PennyPasses expire after a certain amount of time, so don’t forget to use them!!


We know how frustrating it can be to visit an attraction and not even know what’s going on. Do I stand up or lie down on this ride? How can I eat that corn dog without getting sick? Why does this roller coaster look like a Sudoku?

At times in the hunt, you might get a notification that hints are available for a certain puzzle. To take a hint, visit Guest Services and click on the appropriate puzzle. Fill out the form, telling us what you’ve tried (e.g. “I jumped off the ferris wheel. Was that correct?”) and one of our Guest Services staff will respond shortly.

Our goal with hints is to provide assistance to visitors who might acutely benefit from a few well-placed bits of advice on how to experience our attractions. As such, taking a hint when they are available comes at no cost; if you’re offered a hint on an attraction, we suggest you accept this offer! In addition, after taking a hint on an attraction, you can continue to follow up with Guest Services for more details on that same attraction.

Finally, know that not everyone will be offered hints. In particular, we expect the most competitive park-goers will see (and need!) none at all.


Our attractions have been tested the most with Chrome, and we recommend Chrome on a typical laptop-sized (or larger) display for the best experience.

Park hours

Guest services and the Park will shut down at 5pm ET Sunday or when someone saves the Park, whichever is later.

The Golden Rule

At Penny Park, we operate under the principle of “Play fair. Have fun.” Please refrain from sharing answers with other teams, hacking the park server or the code of a particular puzzle, or anything else which feels beyond the spirit of the event.

Thanks for visiting Penny Park! We hope you have a glorious weekend!

— Penny, the Loonie Toonies, and the rest of us at Penny Park Guest Services