Safari Adventure


Willy is trapped in the harbor! Can you help him escape?

  1. The goal of the game is to Free Willy. To be free, Willy has to either be entirely or partially off of the board through the gap in the harbor that leads to the open sea.
  2. The boats in the harbor can only move in the same direction as their initial orientation, either vertically or horizontally in their shipping lanes, unless they are either impeded by a sea wall, Willy or another boat.
  3. The boats in the harbor are not ready for the conditions of the open seas and therefore their captains, while generally amenable to following your requests to move, will refuse to exit the harbor.
  4. Since Willy is a killer whale and not a boat, he moves very differently. Willy can move up, down, left or right, but for every move, he needs to flip 90 degrees and move one square in the direction that he flipped. Note that Willy takes up two squares when he is an elongated position.
  5. Willy can jump over sea walls (and any children standing on them) but only if he is directly facing a sea wall and in a jumping position (which is to say face up, as seen in this instructional video). Willy cannot jump over or swim under boats, as boat strikes can be lethal for whales.

A few examples of Willy's moves:

Brook Cecil Derek Essie
Heath Holly Jonah Lacey