Cascade Bay

Water Slides

As you wait in line for the water slides you overhear four young kids playing an activity that brings back old childhood memories.

Abby: We all know the game but the rules are obviously a bit different. I’ll begin by making my move first. 5 points for me!

Ben: Well I just jumped way out in front. It must be because of the new kicks I’m wearing.

Chloe: My move is pretty great if I don’t say so myself but not as good as yours, Ben.

Dave: I am so going to be a famous celebrity after this move. Just not point-wise.

Abby: Ugh! I feel like I could just maul you Ben.

Ben: I would say let’s take this outside but that would be totally contrary to the move I am making.

Chloe: With my move my score only grows.

Dave: Hopefully my move can turn the table on the scores.

Abby: Making my move. I suggest we get a notary in order to authorize the results.

Ben: Abby, I hear you. Maybe we should team up? You’d make a good partner.

Chloe: At best, I am now tied for the lead!

Dave: OMG. I am really disheartened right now.

Abby: Well this game is getting a bit topsy-turvy for me. I can’t tell heads from tails anymore.

Ben: I agree. I’m heading back to where I came from—and yet somehow still go up in points. Nice!

Chloe: Well I’m moving to a higher level—and the lead!

Dave: I’m so far behind everyone. Maybe I should just temporarily stop?

Abby: My last move was the perfect prelude to this one as I am now 28 points above Ben, 14 above Chloe and 68 above Dave.

Ben: My move quality clearly has taken a skid. I don’t seem to be moving anywhere.

Chloe: I think I might just sit down after this move.

Dave: My move feels pretty useless too.

Abby: I feel pretty rejected about this move as I am clearly no longer in the lead. In fact I am now only beating Dave. Ugh!

Ben: Well I winnowed my choices for this move but still did not move very far.

Chloe: I guess it’s time for me to go into beast mode.

Dave: I feel like this whole game was arranged ahead of time.

Abby: Ok. Time to take a step back and start anew.

Ben: Sorry I quarreled with you earlier, Abby.

Chloe: Weird. It all feels like we are in a different time period to me.

Dave: Not to me. I think I am going to quit based on this last move.

Abby: The final result of all of this is that I am back in the lead. Haha!

Ben: But… I appear to be heading in your direction.

Chloe: With one tiny stride I just pulled ahead of everyone!

Dave: Well, I clearly made a mistake. I’m out (sits down).

Abby: I really like the word “really.”

Ben: This finish is going to be bigger than some of the biggest championships!

Chloe: I really like the word “like.”

Abby: It looks like my last move will be my undoing. I was so close!

Ben: I finished! I win!

To get down they followed these steps…
Abby moved up 1
Ben moved down 3
Chloe moved down 8
Dave moved up 3 and right 2
Then Abby moved down 1 and right 3
Lastly, Ben moved down 5 and right 3

What should they do next?

  • Part of speech (6)
  • First name of female attorney in a popular 1990’s TV Show (4)
  • Dilapidated; shabby (4,2)
  • Pessimistic; gloomy (8)
  • Movie with the Hitler meme (8)
  • A decline in the economy (8)
  • Finish (3)
  • Miscalculate (3)
  • Resistance according to the Borg (6)
  • What an investor wants (5)
  • In a perfect world… (7)
  • Where Intel was in the 90’s (6)
  • South American pack animals (6)
  • Reduced the number of choices (8,4)
  • Arrange ahead (6)
  • Zero out (5)
  • Bring back an athlete for another stint (6)
  • Propelled a boat by means of oars (5)
  • Arrange, as a blind date (3,2)
  • Nixed (4,4)
  • John Hancock was the first of these for the Declaration of Independence (6)
  • Couch potato's spot (4)
  • Sol, for example (4)
  • Begin (5)
  • Very good or pleasant; excellent (5)
  • Tom Brady has been MVP in 4 of these (5,5)
  • The People's Shoe of Italy (7)
  • Something you might do to disbelief (7)
  • Abe’s boy (3)
  • Japanese era (6)
  • In the direction of (6)
  • Flip an object over or put it on its side (5)
  • The final result/outcome (6)
  • A possible new state of the object if you do the clue two above this (6,4)
  • Toward a higher place, point, or level (6)
  • A 180 degree change in direction (5)
  • Part of speech (4)