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Safari Adventure


by Doug Zongker, Nina Hinrichs

This puzzle requires reassembling of a Logo turtle-graphics program that has been cut up into 14 pieces. The strip with the straight top edge is the start of the program; the strip with the straight bottom edge is the end. The remaining 12 strips can be placed in between them by obeying the constraints suggested in the opening paragraph:

  • The turtle never goes more than 10 steps north or south of its starting location.
  • The program is "efficient", which means:
    • There are never two consecutive turns ("lt 60 rt 120"), nor two consecutive movements in the same direction ("fd 10 fd 20").
    • Consecutive movements in different directions ("fd 10 bk 20") are only legal if the pen is down.
    • There's never a "pu" if the pen is already up, or a "pd" if the pen is already down.

The turtle heads with different-colored masks represent changing the color of the drawing pen (the commands for which vary between Logo interpreters).

If the strips are labeled A-N in their original order in the puzzle, the correct order is B-J-M-K-I-A-L-D-H-G-F-C-N-E.

Successfully reassembling and executing the program will result in this image:

Splitting that image into red, green, and blue color channels will reveal the three answers: ROFFE, INHABIT, and DAWN.