Storybook Forest

Toddler Tilt

Welcome to the Toddler Tilt! Your little one will have the time of their lives as a letter is painted on the tops of their cute little heads and they are ushered onto a platform of madness… and FUN!

For liability reasons, we are obligated to disclose the rules of the Toddler Tilt:

1) A row or column will be chosen, and the platform will tilt in one of four directions: up/down (if a column is chosen), or left/right (if a row is chosen)

2) All toddlers in that row/column will slide towards the edge of the platform, filling in all gaps, until one falls into the trench on the sides. At this point we are required by law to pause the ride and pick a new column or row (which might be the same one as before).

3) After EACH tilt, exactly ONE toddler will fall into the trench. Toddlers fill the trench from the outside in.

4) After 10 and 19 tilts, the platform will look like these example platforms, respectively:

5) The toddlers fall into the trench in the given order:
SPACE, A, T, O, A, U, Y, M, SPACE, S, O, P, G, R, U, O, N, M, N, B, C, K, W, G, F, E, N, S, B, C, P, R, A, F, U, C, O, SPACE, I, SPACE, O, SPACE, A, S, N, G, E, N, SPACE, N, B, S, N, O, M, O, SPACE, Y, I, SPACE, A, A, D, SPACE

That's it. LET'S GET TILTIN'!!