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"Tech's Adventure" Walkthrough

Without fail, movies based on video games are critically acclaimed and highly popular. But today’s on-the-go producers and directors don’t have the time to actually play through an entire game; they need to start filming! Luckily, walkthroughs can tell you everything you need to know about a video game without actually playing it. It’s all of the info without any of the pesky fun!

Refer to the maps as you follow this guide to the “Tech’s Adventure” game.

Enter the dungeon. You’ll start in a rectangular room on the east side of the top level. The colors in the room are a muted grayscale, as they are in each room that doesn’t contain a gem. The only door is in the south half of the room. Head west through it. In the adjacent room, you’ll be able to pick up an emerald. This entire room is a bright, vivid green; each room containing a gem is saturated in its gem’s color. Go down the staircase to level 2. That room contains a sapphire; pick it up. That activates your blue crystal. Use it to unlock the first quest.


From the room you’re in, head either east or south. Either action will put you into the largest room in the dungeon, and the only one with a bend in it. That room contains something you’d find in a hardware store; pick it up. The southwest section of the room has a door that heads west. Go through it and you’ll be in a room with the second emerald. Collect it. That activates your light green crystal. Go down the stairs and you’ll be in the north half of a rectangular room. Go down another flight of stairs to the bottom level of the dungeon. Walk north one room, then east one room. Here you’ll pick up your first jade. You’ll also have to pull off one of the trickiest maneuvers in the game. There’s a door on the north wall of this room, but there’s no room immediately beyond it; just nothingness. You’ll need to step through anyway. You’ll float through space for the length of one room until you find solid ground again; you emerge in a room containing some electronic components. Pick them up. While you’re here, pop into the room to the east to pick up an amethyst. Then backtrack all the way to the very beginning, to where you entered the dungeon. This room seemed empty the first time you visited it, but it is part of the blue quest path—now that the blue quest has been unlocked, the room’s item has appeared. Combine the sculpted body you find here with the previous items you’ve collected to build an almost-but-not-quite-lifelike humanoid. It’s a bit more autonomous than you expected, so rather than being a project at MIT, it wants to be a student at MIT! Bring it with you as you head back out through the only door in the room, then go down the stairs, west, north (and pick up an onyx), west, and north. Leave your new friend here in its new living quarters!


Use your light green crystal to unlock the second quest.


From the room where you finished your first quest, head west. Pick up your second onyx. That activates your black crystal. Go down the stairs to level 3. You found your math class! Good start… but you’re late, so you’d be better off sneaking into the lecture through the back. Go back up the stairs, then head south. Pick up your second jade. Move west, go down a flight of stairs, then go down another flight. Pick up your first citrine. Head east. You’re in the west half of a rectangular room. The good news is that you snuck into the back of the lecture hall. The bad news is that somehow everyone is looking directly at you anyway. You’ll need to really impress from here on out. Backtrack four steps, then head east, east, south, south, and down the stairs. Now you’re getting somewhere; you’re in a rectangular room with measurements and numbers. Collect them. Move into the south half of the room, then take the stairs up a floor into another rectangular room. Move into the west half of this room and take the stairs up a floor. Pick up the last jade; your dark green crystal activates. Head east. This room contains a three-dimensional curve that is definitely not a parabola. Pick it up and combine it with your numbery bits for a math class project that’s so obtuse no one could possibly understand it—and thus couldn’t possibly refute or disprove it either.


Use your black crystal to unlock the third quest.


From your last room, head north. You’ll be in the west half of a rectangular room with a posting that emphasizes the need to lighten up and have fun. Collect it. Head down the staircase in your side of the room, then go north. There’s an unreasonably immense person here but he’s too shy to talk. Go north again, then west, up the stairs to level 1, west (collect the second amethyst), and south. This room contains a wall with a number of postings pinned to it. Scan them until you find signups for the giantball team. Take it. Backtrack to the room with the very tall fellow and show him the two items you collected. He introduces himself as George, and he’s eager to play. Bring him with you as you go north, west, west, west, then south. Pick up your second citrine, go down one flight of stairs, pick up your third citrine, then go down another flight of stairs. You’re in the west half of a rectangular room. Collect everything here and you’re ready to play five games at once!


Use your dark green crystal to unlock the fourth quest.


Backtrack six steps, then go down the stairs. You’re in the west half of a rectangular room. There’s a monster here. Capture it. Go back up the stairs you just descended, then head south, south again, and down a flight of stairs. You’re in the north half of a rectangular room. Stay in that half and go down another flight of stairs. This looks like a good place to feed the monster. Leave it here, backtrack four steps, then go west, west, south, and south. This looks like something tasty to feed the monster. Bring it with you as you continue. Backtrack seven steps. Once again, stay in the north half of the rectangular room you’re in, but this time, head west. Pick up the last amethyst (your purple crystal activates), then go north. It turns out that the monster is inordinately stupid and needs explicit instructions on how to eat the dinner you procured for it. That’s what’s in this room. Once you’ve collected the contents of this room, retrace your steps all the way back to where you dropped off the monster, give it the extremely raw steak you’ve been leading around, and tell it what to do with it. Bon appétit!


Use your purple crystal to unlock the fifth quest.


Head back to the dungeon’s largest room. The northeast section of this room has a staircase. Take it down one flight. There’s an item here that indicates where it’s safe for you to be out on the street. Collect it, then go back up the stairs. From the section of the room you’re in, head west, then go west again, north, west, west, south, west, and up one flight. Collect the last citrine, activating your orange crystal. Head south. This is the spot to pull off a very clever car heist. Go back north, down one flight, north—oh, crap, it’s the cops! Lead them on a short chase: east, up a flight, and east again. Then take what you find here and bribe those cops. Bribe ’em silly!


Use your orange crystal to unlock the sixth quest.


Head down one flight of stairs and you’ll find a new friend. He’s very cold and just wants to go home. Take him with you. Head east, then south, south, south. You’re in the east half of a rectangular room. Pick up a navigation aid that can help you get your companion back to the far-off place he came from. Backtrack one step, head down a flight of stairs into the north half of a rectangular room, then descend another flight. Move north. This room contains a document that’ll help you arrange a flight; pick it up. Backtrack three steps, then head north twice, then west three times. Go down a flight of stairs. Oh, did your abominable associate think you were sending him to a happy place? No, you’re sending him straight to hell. Melt, you fiend!



This is the point in the game when players hit the wall. You can’t advance any farther digitally; you must transition from virtual reality to actual reality. The original versions of your game maps have been on display in the halls of MIT for over ten years, ever since they were installed in the 50s. Go on a literal walk through campus to find them. Compare them to your maps and pick up the one unused item in the entire dungeon.