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Wizard's Hollow

Sand Witches

by Yar Woo, Ian Tullis, Doug Zongker

Teams are shown a series of clues. The clues solve to nonsense phrases. Each nonsense phrase is the result of taking a common "foo in bar" phrase, and putting the word foo in the word bar and adding an extra letter. E.g., the nonsense phrase HARM UPS is UP in ARMS plus H.

Clue Answer Phrase Extra letter
Injure a package delivery service HARM UPS UP IN ARMS H
Amount you have to put up to get on a horse STAKE TO RIDE TAKE IN STRIDE O
Made the number before two realllly long STRETCHED ONE ETCHED IN STONE R
Got a steal on better plot of real estate using Korean currency WON DEAL: NICER LAND ALICE IN WONDERLAND N
The period in your life where you are taking care of someone (or working at a bar) TENDING YEARS ENDING IN TEARS Y
Declare that it's Mr. Offerman's fault BLAME NICK MEN IN BLACK I
A military meal for the entire rodent lair MOUSE DEN RATION USE IN MODERATION N
"Hold up, boy! I am fixing my shoelaces, which seem to have come undone." WAIT LAD, TYING LADY IN WAITING T
Trips to and from the end of the pool where you don't really mean it IRONIC LAPS CLAP IN IRONS I
Command to Kristoff's reindeer: "Make these corncobs warmer!" HEAT EARS, SVEN TEARS IN HEAVEN S
Solo's attempt to get laughs HAN'S COMEDY COME IN HANDY S
Overheard at the Taj Mahal: "That's an almond, not a pistachio!" AGRA NUT ID GRANT IN AID U
What you need to sport on your face and chin before heading to your job in the coal shafts MINE BEARD BEAR IN MIND E

The extra letters spell out HORNY IN TISSUE. This clues the solution: THORNY ISSUE.