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Cactus Canyon

The Prickly Pear

by Todd Etter, Brent Holman, Wei-Hwa Huang, Ian Tullis. Special shoutout to Joey Bax -- dang up, Joey.
Answer: ZERO KM

Each answer can be made by letters on a computer keyboard that don't touch each other (using 6-letter hexagonal adjacency). There is exactly one additional letter that can be added to the set without touching any of the other letters in that answer.

Director Alfonso CUARON G
It might be before the storm THE CALM I
The IRS might impose this on your house   TAX LIEN V
Nepetalactone is its main ingredient CATNIP E
TRL precursor DIAL MTV H
Dooku and Chocula COUNTS Q
Firearm with… CAPE GUN K
Sam, on a breakfast box TOUCAN E
Number dedicated to receiving…   FAX LINE Y
Teddy on Rectify CLAYNE I
Gowdeh-ye Yūk, officially GADPUK N
Irritable CRANKY P
He might bring you your escargot GARCON U
Who is like God? This guy MICHAEL T

Those spell out the intermediate message GIVE HQ KEY INPUT. Entering this prompted the team to send someone to visit Guest Services.

The visitor played some QWOP, a near-impossible running simulator. Their challenge: to achieve a score of exactly zero metres. Afterwards, they were awarded this puzzle's final answer: ZERO KM.