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Pay it Forward

by Linda Holman, Shuai Chen
Answer: ❤️

At the start of the Hunt, teams learn about the Pay It Forward Scavenger Hunt listed on the Events page. They are directed to search The Tech for an ad with additional details about the items teams can donate to local charities for the scavenger hunt, and where to drop them off.

The scavenger hunt could be completed at any time, but the only thing teams receive in return is the opportunity to take a team photo holding a sign that says: All You Need Is ❤️

Photo: Sign

Later in the hunt, when teams finally unlock the Pay It Forward puzzle, they only need to realize that they have already earned the emoji heart solution for the puzzle.

We were impressed with the final results teams accomplished:

Charity Task Points Earned Total Donated
Animal Rescue League of Boston Create a small bird house 4 per birdhouse 14 birdhouses plus kitchen supplies
It Gets Better Project Submit a video for the project 4 per submission 4 videos
MIT Puzzle Club Submit a (campus location) clue for a ClueKeeper Mystery Hunt History Tour 4 per clue 43 tour clues
Operation Gratitude Bring 2 pages of paper and 2 postage stamps for writing thank-you notes to military/veterans 1 per 2 notes 150 notes
Cambridge House Bring 2 pages of cardstock/paper, make 2 birthday cards for seniors 1 per 2 cards 134 cards
The Environment Trash Pick-up: Pick up one grocery bag worth of trash and take a selfie for verification 1 per bag 49 bags
Cranes for a Cure Fold origami cranes using 6" or 3" square paper 1 per 20 cranes 1840 cranes
Animal Rescue League of Boston Knit or crochet a security blanket for a medium sized dog or cat 10 per blanket 12 blankets
American Rescue Crafters Connect Knit or crochet a Joey Pouch for an Australian rescue kangaroo 5 per pouch 3 pouches
Food Bank Canned food donation 1 per 4 cans 764 cans
Rosie's Place Clothing or reusable bags donation 1 per 4 items 672 items
Cradles to Crayons Toy donation, bring a new toy in original packaging 1 per toy 138 toys
More Than Words Book donation 1 per 2 books 446 books
Left Out Write In Any charitable donation or activism of your choice 3 per act 50+ other donations