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No Clue Crossword

by Asher Walkover
Answer: MOB

The list of across and down clue numbers doesn't match the given grid - for example, across entries in the grid go up to 67 Across, but the highest numbered "clue" is for 56 Across. However the given clue numbers do seem like a reasonable set of numbers that a grid might have, and therefore the first step is to fix the puzzle by constructing the grid that the list of across and down entries correspond to.

This can be done through a combination of trial-and-error and logic, or else by writing a program, and there is exactly one grid that produces the set of clues while simultaneously meeting the normal standards for a crossword - a 15x15 grid, connected, 180 degree rotational symmetry, no unchecked letters, no 2-letter words. This is the resulting grid:

The asterisked clues in the clue list lead to the final answer. Each of the asterisked clues exists in both grids; the original plus the newly constructed grid. Highlight all entries in both grids that correspond to these asterisked clues, and then overlay the two grids, to form the shapes of three letters - MOB.

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