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Safari Adventure

Mr. Patel

by Ian Tullis

How to Solve

This puzzle is about The Life of Pi and about the number π. In the story, the second of the animals on the raft to die is the ORANGUTAN; never died is the TIGER; third to die is the HYENA; first to die is the ZEBRA. You want feeder words that let you write the first 15 digits of π with a (one-way) substitution, so write in your answers:

  3.1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9
  R E N E T T/? ? ?/R T S/T U T
  orangutan  /tiger/hyena/zebra

The substitution then yields a message:

1	E
2	?
3	R
4	N
5	T
6	?
7	U
8	S
9	T

Filling in the blanks yields the answer, EARN TRUST.

Thanks to other 5s, we know that the 5 in the Tiger answer is T. Once we've solved the meta by "filling in blanks" in the substitution, we can use it to determine the full Tiger answer: ART.