Cactus Canyon

Mine Carts

Penny looked out at the old Mine Carts ride. The two tracks still looked perfectly usable, but the ride was not in working order. Can you help her out?

Left Track

mine cart
Animal namesake of a Florida county
Canadian province whose flag contains 4 fleurs-de-lis
mine cart
Best Picture nominee about gangster Henry Hill
Country whose name means "land of the Swazis"
mine cart
C++ type sized to a minimum of 1 byte
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who wrote and sang "Rock & Roll"
mine cart
Catholic saint who was the mother of Augustine
Company whose services included CandyGrams and Perfume-by-Wire
mine cart
Childhood nickname of Ronald Reagan
Nobel Laureate in Physics for breakthrough involving Cooper pairs
mine cart
Constellation whose name means dove
Home of Galeão International Airport
mine cart
FIFA Mens' World Cup champions of 2014
Band member Noodle, Murdoc, 2-D, or Russel, perhaps
mine cart
Fortune 500 insurance provider with a whale logo
Highest-tier trim level of the Jeep Wrangler with a 2-door option
mine cart
Most recent American Nobel Laureate in Literature
Manifestation of a Hindu god
mine cart
Namesake of Marshall, TX art museum
U.S. state whose three most populous cities begin with the same letter
mine cart
NATO alphabet word used in Eagles and Wilco album titles
Male name derived from Hebrew for "God is my strength"
mine cart
River worshipped in 2015 Pushkaram festival
Mythological creature described as a multi-headed serpent
mine cart
Southernmost Olympic host city
Language with Arabic lettering used on Chinese currency
mine cart
U.S. President who delivered the first State of the Union address
Fish of the family Lutjanidae

Right Track

mine cart
A conductor through which current enters or leaves a system
Film in which Eric Clapton played a cult leader
mine cart
Actress/singer who starred in the series Ghost Whisperer
Ukrainian musical instrument resembling a hammer dulcimer
mine cart
Baseball Hall of Famer Cap
Kings Dominion roller coaster designed to resemble a bobsled run
mine cart
Daily newspaper of Greenfield, Massachusetts
Super Bowl halftime performer who rode a mechanical lion
mine cart
NCAA Division I basketball team currently coached by Tubby Smith
Final Pokémon evolution of Squirtle
mine cart
Paper type commonly used for file folders
Most-produced British aircraft of all time
mine cart
Poet who wrote the novel The Egoist
Romantic composer known as the "Schubert of North Germany"
mine cart
Pony whose cutie mark consists of three stars and a thunderbolt
Intersection of Interstate Highways 64 and 65
mine cart
Posthumous 1997 release included in Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums"
“The tenth Muse,” according to Plato
mine cart
Seinfeld character voted TV.com's #1 most annoying neighbor
World capital referenced in the USMC's "Marines' Hymn"
mine cart
Sports team formerly located in Philadelphia and Kansas City
Oscar winner for acting who later portrayed Joan Crawford
mine cart
Youngest of the Aristocats
Wimbledon champion who won 7 of 8 consecutive mens' finals