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Creative Pictures Studios

Masked Images

by Mark Gottlieb
Answer: 🦵

Solvers are presented with a sequence of 22 professional sports team logos. Each of them is circular, but the entirety of the image has been blacked out except for one wedge. The wedge is always placed in exactly the same position relative to the properly oriented logo, but then the images have been rotated. The rotations result in each wedge pointing at one of the 12 hours on a clock face. Take those numbers as an index into the team name.

In order, they are:

1Pittsburgh Steelers(1)S
2Boston Bruins(3)U
3Buffalo Sabres(3)B
4Toronto Blue Jays(5)J
5Winnipeg Jets(2)E
6Indiana Pacers(3)C
7Denver Nuggets(6)T
8Toronto Raptors(5)O
9Calgary Flames(1)F
10New York Islanders(6)D
11Golden State Warriors(2)A
12Minnesota Timberwolves(10)V
13Edmonton Oilers(2)I
14Minnesota Twins(4)N
15Chicago Cubs(1)C
16Seattle Mariners(4)I
17Houston Astros(2)S
18Texas Rangers(4)G
19Atlanta Hawks(1)H
20Washington Nationals(5)O
21Detroit Pistons(3)S
22New York Mets(3)T

(As it happens, this uses ALL of the circular sports team logos from the four major American leagues except for the Oakland A’s, the Washington Wizards, and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Calgary Flames logo isn’t quite circular, but it’s the closest one whose team name has an F in it.)

The subject of the book Da Vinci’s Ghost is Vitruvian Man. It looks like this:

Apply the same mask used in the puzzle to the circular area of the drawing, in the same position as it was applied to each properly oriented logo. That results in this image:

The answer is the LEG emoji 🦵.