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Cascade Bay

Jungle Cruise

by Linda Holman, Justin Graham, Kevin Schraith, Chris Harris, Dave "Rico" Fisher

Teams get the ClueKeeper app and download the Jungle Cruise using the Hunt Code RIVERS. The ClueKeeper Jungle Cruise hunt consists of several clues.

Each clue directs them to a location on the MIT campus, where they are directed to scan an image. Scanning the image triggers a video of the Jungle Cruise Skipper tour guide who tells classic Jungle Cruise jokes. Every time the Skipper says an animal name, he is bleeped out with a cartoon cannibal image. Teams must identify the animals and then answer the Skipper's final riddle, "What types of drinks do cannibals serve at parties?"

“You could get wrapped up in the subject!” Snake
“TOUCAN play at that game!” Toucan
“Are we OWL ready to move on?” Owl
“Don’t go bananas!” Monkey
“One you’ll see later…” Alligator
“And one you’ll see after a while!” Crocodile
“The world’s most dangerous animals, hungry, hungry…” Hippo
“This is a good day for skipping school” Piranha
“Standing under one will keep the rain off, but…” Umbrellabird
“I’ve never seen this type of amphibian before, it must be…” Newt
“Never play poker in the grasslands!” Cheetahs
“Thanks for laughing at these terrible jokes.” Hyena
“They’re going swimming, because they’ve got their trunks!” Elephants
“Don’t expect it to bring you coffee!” Secretarybird

The animal names' first letters spell the riddle answer, STOMACH PUNCHES.

Thanks to Dave "Rico" Fisher for Zappar and ClueKeeper work.