Balloon Vendor

Hat Venn-dor

This was a "scrum" puzzle: several people on the team could work on it at the same time. There was a timer and the team had to work quickly.

The following doesn't capture the puzzle's frantic pace, just the raw content:

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  • 14 pounds equals one of these, if you're a Brit.
  • A chauffeur, or a program that allows hardware to communicate with a computer's operating system.
  • A doorstop is an example of this, one of the six simple machines.
  • The "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" is mostly comprised of micro-particles of this.
  • This element, also the name of a household appliance, is one of ten whose name and chemical symbol do not start with the same letter.
  • This one-time Supreme Court nominee shares his last name with a term for a decorative wreath of flowers.
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  • The 6th largest privately held company in the US, this candy manufacturer counts 3 Musketeers and Milky Way as two of its brands.
  • This Sega video game console was the 32-bit successor to the Genesis.
  • This company gives its name to an Art Deco-style skyscraper in New York City, at one time the tallest building in the world.
  • This knife, primarily used for fighting, was developed by Jim Black in the 1800s and typically features a crossguard and a sheath.
  • This movie about a pregnant teenager won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2007.
  • This ultra-luxury car manufacturer is perhaps best known for its logo, which features the letter "B" flanked by a pair of wings.
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  • Founded in 1908, this company's name has entered common parlance as a synonym for a vacuum cleaner.
  • She had a small farm animal according to one song, and was proud according to another.
  • The fictional son of Poseidon, he made his debut in 2005's The Lightning Thief.
  • The first name of actress Bonham Carter, this word's origin comes from the Greek word for light.
  • This guitar manufacturer based in El Cajon, California, is the (fittingly) preferred brand of 2014's top selling artist.
  • This seaside city is the home of the US Naval Academy.
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  • In Chinese, this animal's name is biànsèlóng, which literally translates to "changing-color dragon".
  • In traditional Christianity, it belongs to one of three hierarchical Spheres.
  • This brand of freeze-them-yourself popsicles comes in such electrifying flavors as "Sir Isaac Lime" and "Alexander the Grape".
  • This computer abbreviation is used to describe memory that allows data to be retrieved in near-constant time regardless of where in memory that data lives.
  • This oddly-spelled piece of maritime equipment has a disputed etymology — possibly deriving from the Latin boia, or "chain".
  • You might hear this term for a fast-moving low pressure system the next time you get a manicure.
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  • A commonly used name for a powder made by grinding a grain such as wheat.
  • One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, this company was forced to recall the arthritis medication Vioxx in 2004.
  • This English brewer and physicist spent much of his research trying to find the mechanical equivalent of heat.
  • This computer programming language, widely used in the past as a teaching aid, was named for a French philosopher and mathematician.
  • This eccentric scientist famously feuded with Edison over the best distribution method of electricity.
  • This edible fruit has over 7,500 cultivars, including Jazz, Ambrosia, and Pink Lady.
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  • In the Old Testament, he deceived his blind father and stole his older brother Esau's birthright.
  • Not to be confused with its neighbor to the south, this West African country contains some of the world's largest uranium deposits.
  • Ten kings of France bore this name, more than any other except for Louis.
  • This retail goods behemoth surpassed Microsoft as the most valuable public company in the world in 2019.
  • This small landlocked country straddles the border between France and Spain.
  • This term for a small scrap of paper gained widespread public recognition in the aftermath of the 2000 US Presidential election.
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