Cactus Canyon

Goliath's Goof

The "Wild Frontier" stage show crew is asking for your help. One of the stage props, an alabaster sculpture, was accidentally broken to pieces by the actor playing "Goliath", the antagonist. Remarkably, it turns out that the prop may not have been a prop at all; small fragments of gemstones were found embedded in it, which were only revealed when it was broken. See if you can reassemble the whole sculpture. Once you do, you'll likely get a hint as to its provenance…

Some browsers have trouble with the keyboard focus for answer submission. If typing in the answer submission field isn't working, try copying and pasting from a text editor. This is not part of the puzzle.

Camera Controls

W = move camera forward
S = move camera backward
A = strafe camera left
D = strafe camera right
E = move camera up
C = move camera down
Z = roll camera clockwise
X = roll camera widdershins
hold down right-mouse-button and mouse-move left/right = yaw camera left/right
hold down right-mouse-button and mouse-move up/down = pitch camera up/down
two-finger "click-and-drag" left/right on touchpad = yaw camera left/right
two-finger "click-and-drag" up/down on touchpad = pitch camera up/down

Movement Controls (mouse)

mouse over (or camera moves mouse over) piece = select piece
hold down left-mouse-button and mouse-move left/right/up/down = move selected piece left/right/up/down
scroll-wheel-up = move selected piece away from camera
scroll-wheel-down = move selected piece towards camera

Movement Controls (touchpad)

"click-and-drag" with one finger (Mac) = move selected piece left/right/up/down
click with thumb while continuing to move on touchpad (PC, Chromebook) = move selected piece left/right/up/down
two-finger-drag-up = move selected piece away from camera
two-finger-drag-down = move selected piece towards camera

Touchscreens are not supported.


If the WebGL version is too slow or jerky, you can try running natively by downloading these and running locally:
  • Windows: Use Alt-Enter to switch between full-screen and windowed, and Alt-F4 to quit.