Storybook Forest


The burdens I bear just feel like too much. Can’t anything be just right?

  • Children’s card game that’s too deterministic [Take the…]
  • Two-word phrase shouted at someone who’s taking too much time [Take the…]
  • What a glutton eats too much of [Take the…]
  • Swig that’s too small to get you inebriated [Take the…]
  • Baby ___ (doll that’s too realistic) [Take the…]
  • Tanner’s material (huh, this clue/answer pair is a bit too redundant…) [Take the…]
  • Movie or play that’s too crowded due to its popularity [Take the…]
  • Word said by someone who’s too eager to give you something [Take the…]
  • ___ beer (beverage whose alcohol content is too low to actually be beer) [Take the…]
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt high school noir with a plot that’s too convoluted [Take the…]
  • Beverage that might be described as too fruity or too bold [Take the…]
  • Type of documentary or animated film whose awards make the Oscar telecast run too long [Take the…]
  • Like a puzzle that takes too many hours to solve [Take the…]
  • Feathers that are too soft [Take the…]
  • Stone fruits that are too fuzzy [Take the…]
  • Prison sentence that’s too long to get out of [Take the…]
  • What your foot is after stepping into a puddle that’s too deep [Take the…]
  • Fill in too many details, with “out” [Take the…]
  • [...1st letter] All ___ Eve (movie featuring a character who’s too ambitious)
  • [...1st letter] Like a ball game played in surroundings that are too unfamiliar
  • [...3rd letter] Mark that’s too long to be a hyphen
  • [...3rd letter] Defeat by way too many points, figuratively speaking
  • [...2nd letter] Attribute of someone who’s too compulsive
  • [...2nd letter] Attribute of someone who’s too daring
  • [...1st letter] Tanner’s material (huh, this clue/answer pair is a bit too redundant…)
  • [...1st letter] Like a screw that’s too wobbly
  • [...2nd letter] Type of strategic marketing analysis that examines six macro-environmental factors (which may be too many, considering that a simpler version examines just four)
  • [...1st letter] A paranoid character might note that a blatant lack of danger is this… a little too this
  • [...1st letter] Dinner accompaniment that has too many carbs for someone on Atkins
  • [...6th letter] What you might be doing in a haunted house that’s too scary
  • [...2nd letter] What you can’t do through glasses that are too dirty
  • [...4th letter] Become too disenchanted with, with “on”
  • [...2nd letter] Ingredient in desserts that are too unhealthy
  • [...3rd letter] Puts too much of a burden on
  • [...2nd letter] Word you might find in a list of instructions with too many steps
  • [...3rd letter] Like mammoths that are too shaggy