Safari Adventure

Golden Wolf

The Golden Wolf thinks it's far too special a creature to suffer the same gashly fate at MIT as those other kids it's heard about.

We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. (100 words or fewer)

AMC-10 exam: put in minimal effort, was easily OK to advance

Can inspect very large integers and deem them odd or even

Can't remember the last time my crew rode a school bus

Didn't break eighty at the Boston Golf Club (a tragedy!)

Drummed up rumors about wedding bells pealing for two of my friends

Endured Princeton Review hell to aim easily for a 1590

Forgot to check term limits, asked to be made Student Gov't dictator for life

Gang was able to experience the Olympics in Brazil—la di da!

Happy to teach anyone who pursues a new interest… for a fee

I often declare a thumb war (and always win)

Insulting if you don't spurn Estates right away in Dominion

Intrepidly tried a quintuple Axel (extremely dangerous!) and landed it

Looked into improving Back Bay's illumination via chowder-based energy

Learned the ancient languages. All of them.

Left cheese trail to evict a rat (my brother's pet—out on the double, you rodent!)

Nobly managed to expunge Amesbury's jail records while deleting my traffic ticket

Nearly lost a friend over calling Eeyore icky (he totally is!)

ODed on Evelyn Lear operas while being massaged for 4 hours

One-night jet trip to Bangkok for my birthday to see a Muay Thai tussle

Ooh, none of this ended up fitting in the word limit, huh

Once went berserk seasoning a friend's plate with curious spices

Simultaneously starred in La Cage Aux Folles and in a tough Annie role

Severely disappointed when school's 5-hour limit on homework went into effect

Somehow win easily at Mario Party (why? it's my secret!)

Tide pool cleanup on "Exxon Valdez Mondays" (unless it was a holiday)

Threw huge orgiastic (not really) push-up parties in phys ed class

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