Creative Pictures Studios

Gala Premiere

It’s a packed house at our theater, but those with connections can probably still squeeze in.

(This diagramless puzzle has standard crossword symmetry.)


1 Iconic Chaplin role The ____

6 Memphis or Toledo Zoo ungulate installation

14 Second-ball bowling challenge, often

19 Japanese menu item

20 Cute as a button

21 Something or someone gorgeous

22 Thespian

23 Moth genus of family Erebidae

24 Alternatives to windows

25 Hollywood Golden Age studio estd. in 1928

26 Comic Patton or pitcher Roy

28 ___ Jeshurun, oldest Conservative congregation west of Chicago

30 Total

31 Widely cloned combo text/display card from the early PC days

32 Steven Bochco legal drama

36 Prevent by law

38 MIT Challenger astronaut Ronald

41 Like Satrapi, Nafisi, or Khomeini

42 Historical region now divided between Estonia and Latvia

46 Subcontinent market

47 "CrazySexyCool" trio

49 Chirp, trill, or yodel

51 Those subject to dying eventually

52 Moroccan poet and revolutionary Saïda

54 Olympus and Rushmore (abbrev.)

55 Appraise, esteem, or consider the merits of

58 Not trans

59 Dyson or Hoover, casually

60 Almaden Minerals TSE ticker sym.

61 Mr. Lincoln, to friends

62 In the manner of

63 Dies ____

64 Resident or member suffix

65 Nicotine-containing plant

67 Cornish pejorative for tourist and Lego Movie protagonist Brickowski, for two

69 Nebbiolos or malbecs

70 Steve honored by both Peter Gabriel and A Tribe Called Quest

71 Knighted one

72 Greek goddess of the night

73 Shrek, for one

75 Hoax

78 Manufactured fiber made from cellulose

80 Three miles, commonly

82 Alt. label for Mind-Machine Interface or Direct Neural Interface

85 Measure between pint and gallon

86 Stokely Carmichael org.

87 MB or GB holder with redundant contacts

88 Palindromic Narita carrier

89 Austrian city with famed torte

90 Friend of Esc or Ctrl

91 Shrink from something unpleasant

92 Gangnam Style-r

93 Author Burroughs

95 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers single; one who flees upheaval

98 S of TSE, A of EAP, or S of HST

100 Chortle syllable

101 Westerosi First Man usurper

102 Increase in extent

104 Canada fliers

106 Young woman in clichéd distress

108 Quivering or shaky

110 Gap nautical clothing brand

111 USN O-1

112 One-liner

114 Central Tai ethnic group

116 Primate native to Indonesia and Malaysia, familiarly

118 Exchange explicit selfies, say

121 Irving's Crane

123 Alaskan crustacean often featured on "Deadliest Catch"

127 Throws out of a rental

129 Distinct component; computer program section

130 "I Sing the Body ____"

131 Song prelim

132 Have life and being

133 Enough to make the NFL playoffs, sometimes

134 Chevrolets and astronomical transients


1 Russian emperor

2 Rugby formation often following from a tackle

3 Concerning, apropos

4 Electrical unit sometimes shown as an upside-down omega

5 Filled dumpling of Central and East European origin

6 Nelson's catchphrase

7 Charmingly simple or rustic

8 Regular Top 40 charter

9 In favor of

10 Skiff propeller

11 Fed agency scoring econ. impact of legislation

12 Beta preceder

13 Maryland cryptography Fort

14 "Gott ____ dank!"

15 Citizenship travel document

16 Doozy

17 Celebrity couple

18 Cobb, Pennington, and Dolla Sign

21 Toddler clean-up ritual

27 ____ Hall, founding location of Quakerism

29 US Deaf culture inits

31 Actor Ethan or fictional helicopter pilot Stringfellow

33 Runt of the litter, often

34 Spice similar to licorice

35 Arcade Fire's Butler

37 ____-lacto vegetarianism

38 Many cornerstone markings for San Francisco's rebuild

39 Konami Code, for example

40 Arbitrary cryptographic input

43 Mother-of-pearl

44 Homer's Trojan War epic

45 Donkeys and onagers

48 Arm or leg

50 EGOT collection half

53 Wax-resist dyeing technique originally from Indonesia

54 Italian radical politician Maria Antonietta

56 Amazon virtual assistant

57 Skin ink

63 Intense anger or wrath

66 Clockless comms style

67 Volunteered for service

68 "Black Hole Sun" band

70 Subway fave

74 MIT 150 Exhibition graphic designer Malcolm

75 Carpenter's tool

76 "Diver Down" band Van ____

77 Slyly crafty or cunning

79 First amino acid to be isolated (abbrev.)

81 Greek personification of the Earth

82 Structures where hunters hang out

83 Art-cinema lobbying grp. founded in 1956

84 Bavarian municipality renowned for its speed skating rink

87 High-falutin' pitch

91 "Der ____ Holländer"

94 St. Louis or Los Angeles football players

96 Cakes

97 Go astray

99 Oxfam or UNICEF

100 Torrential downpour

103 Flightless bird

105 Icelandic author, historian, poet, and politician Sturluson

107 Plantagenet in England

109 Nighttime shoe sailor with Wynken and Nod

112 UK MP murdered in 2016

113 Hardwick Field abbrev.

115 Indonesian island archipelago near Lombok

117 Building blocks to literacy

118 Where Candy, Levy, and Short got their starts

119 Uncredited movie role

120 General ____ Chicken

121 Two favorite words of an egotist, perhaps

122 Usain or lightning

124 Former Giants All-Star closer Robb

125 Commonwealth O or A Level qual.

126 Erstwhile Sesame Workshop org.

128 Guilty Gear character who wields an electric guitar