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Creatures from Outer Space

by John Ananny, John Owens

The pictures are of members of the US House of Representatives.

If you rotate, scale, and position the maps of their districts to match the pictures of the representatives, they look like letters. Those letters spell the solution, GREENBACKS.

Representative Space
Jim Jordan Ohio 4th G
Mike Turner Ohio 10th R
Rashida Tlaib Michigan 13th
Sam Graves Missouri 6th E
Sam Graves Missouri 6th E
Bill Foster Illinois 11th N
Troy Balderson Ohio 12th B
Bob Gibbs Ohio 7th
John Garamendi California 3rd A
Lloyd Doggett Texas 35th
John B. Larson Connecticut 1st C
Bradley Byrne Alabama 1st K
Scott DesJarlais Tennessee 4th S

(A tip of the cap to uglygerry.com seems appropriate here.)