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Cactus Canyon

Cowboy Campfire

by Yar Woo, Linda Holman

These audio clips are from the Hot Ones YouTube show, in which celebrity guests eat hot wings. In the show, the guest is faced with several wings of varying heat; the challenge is to see how much they can take. Teams had to find the shows, determine which sauce was being consumed in the audio clip, its spiciness in Scoville units (as shown in the video), take the log of that, round down, and index into the guest's name:

Guest Sauce consumed 🔥 log(🔥) floor(log(🔥)) letter
Anthony Rizzo cholula 3600 3.556302501 3 t
Jim Gaffigan death 357000 5.552668216 5 a
Ricky Gervais ghost pepper / blueberry 28000 4.447158031 4 k
Stephen Colbert valentina 3600 3.556302501 3 e
Trick Daddy karma sauce 56000 4.748188027 4 c
Michael Cera bunstersblacklabel 99000 4.995635195 4 h
Weird Al Yankovic humblehouse 2100 3.322219295 3 i
Billie Eilish Adoboloco Kolohe Kid 61000 4.785329835 4 l
Kumail Nanjiani Puckerbutt Chocolate Plague 690000 5.838849091 5 i

This yielded the intermediate message TAKE CHILI. Entering this message prompted teams to take chili to Guest Services. Their reward for doing this: the message HOMECOOKED MEAL.