Penny Park Convention Center

People come from all directions to offer contracts.

Step up, or an increase in pay

Newly discovered murder victim formerly known as Lavender Doe [2 words]

State just west of Alabama


Smokey's aim is fire _____

Not ending at the calf, but reaching over the knee, as of boots [2 words]

Statistic in a triple double that's not points or rebounds


Stake, or payment to play, in poker

Noteworthy Ohio city home to a National League baseball franchise

Stepped through shallow water

New York’s 5th or Maine’s 20th (who defended Little Round Top), for example [3 words]


Set one’s heart on, or lack

Not alive

Street with many lanes that passes between major cities


Small drinking vessel, or liquid measure

North, Baltic, or Mediterranean

Substance used to color walls

Negligently play with something, as ones thumbs

Speed of light squared multiplied by this equals energy

Name of profession that sets values for homes


Star closest to us

Without meaning to; accidentally

Eccentric person, or strange avian [2 words]


Sale price, or to negotiate

Not crazy; levelheaded

Sedan from Honda (palindromic)

Not sick; well

Series on American television about a female Rough Collie

Nizari-branch Muslim at the time of the Crusades


Sound of triumph when solving a Mystery Hunt clue

Neo-western movie starring Jeff Bridges [4 words]

Smart on purpose [2 words]

Notable featured artists on Fabolous’s Trade It All (Pt. 2) [2 artists, comma separated]

Standout scene from Swingers actress [3 words]


Sacrum-adjacent bone also called the tailbone


Surround with a barrier, or fight with swords

Work; profession

Egotistic; arrogantly disdainful and superior


Step into, or a computer key for executing commands

Nakto and Pedego sell this type of powered vehicle [2 words]

Sound made in response to a joke (palindromic and repeated) [2 words]

Noncontinuous amusement, or a performance constantly interrupted [2 words]