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Cascade Bay

Coast Guard

by Todd Etter, Ian Tullis

This is the second meta for Cascade Bay. It uses the six previous Lazy River answers plus the four new answers. Each clue's answer can be found across one of the ten answers after inserting an O (a "life preserver") between the words.
social person (4) HOST telegrapH O STation
Pokémon (4) MACHOP stoMACH O Punches
Simpsons character (1) ROD helicopteR O Drop
demanding word (3) NOW raiN O Water
American car model (1) NEON liNE O Numbers
sound effect (4) POOF hoP O OFf
missile (4) THOR plymouTH O Rock
animal (1) ANOLE fAN O LEtter
informal word (3) NOPE stoleN O PEso
ear type (1) LOP symmetricaL O Pair

Indexing into the clue answers yields the letter string THRWNFRAPL. If you insert more life preservers into this phrase, you'll get the answer THROWN FOR A POOL.