You can find a 3D schematic for this ride in one of the two display cases containing prototype rides as you climb up CHORD. This ride is Model 40.

Alternative for all-remote/online-only teams:
Write a sonnet about a catenoid (or a cat, annoyed) to receive the "3D schematic" information you will need to complete this puzzle. Mail it to sharewith@pennypark.fun with subject line CATENOID + your team name.


1 a Accessory for Lady Gaga’s 2010 MTV Video Music Awards outfit
b Rye option
c What John Locke would’ve been doing throughout “Numbers” had Aaron been a few months older
2 a “392.4(i) Ownership of a moray exceeding 15 feet is punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than ninety days,” e.g.
b Numbers counted by bookies
c Find out what’s inside a zucchini without damaging it
3 a Gradients of morphological or physiological changes among prehistoric saber-toothed cats
b Sticky candy that, rather than being brittle, is in constant churning motion
c Moniker an NCIS:LA star might’ve adopted had he been 8 feet tall
4 a Russian news agency credentials
b Dorm whose favorite number is 6 or 28, not 17
c What a forensic scientist measures at the scene of a crime perpetrated by a 12-year-old
d He’s sixth-in-command in a hierarchical society
5 a Someone just learning how to be crude and obnoxious
b Question a validation-seeking Uruk-hai asks its boss after a mission
c Gung-ho existentialist
6 a Like a G-rated horror flick
b Colorful breakfast cereal for mathematicians
c Wee sowing season in Glasgow
7 a Local sports network shows local baseball team? Just the opposite!
b Put Mr. Damon in a nice tux, perhaps
c Modern update of Bill Haley & His Comets’s second-biggest hit
8 a Organa could do it; then again, so could a sizable cache of Imperial Credits
b Barnyard pal of France Piglet and Italy Foal
c Ping pong balls with numbers on them
9 a Cream cheese designed exclusively for mousetraps
b Item used for cleaning up the mess after the Crock Opera is over
c Player contract that won’t impact a team’s financial flexibility too much
10 a Breaking up The Beatles, for one
b Crown one wears at South Station
c Sash worn by the Marriage-Agnostic Beauty Pageant contestant who best exemplifies poor craftsmanship


1 a Let a lukewarm container grow old
b Declaration from someone who got a little too friendly with the Goosebumps author
2 a Minotaur flu, perhaps
b Hi treble counterpart
3 a Israel, particularly from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to the present
b Nodding, saying “yes,” or giving a thumbs-up
4 a One who sells honey, royal jelly, and related items
b Cheesy font
5 a Have a great weight lifted off your shoulders (and belly, and thighs…)
b Survey a city in Arizona
6 a Delay a South American cousin of a field mouse
b Screen legend Greta, back when she led recitation sections
7 a Make a deliberately cheap offer for pop-and-lock services
b Cross between Chlamydosaurus kingii and Hapalochlaena maculosa
8 a Stage direction from “Krusty Gets Kancelled”
b French modernist paintings found in a Utah city
9 a Given his history, Ben Affleck’s primary criterion for a new romantic partner
b Wooden item found in Ronan the Accuser’s dining room
10 a What Bill Terry does in the clubhouse when he wants to get #4’s attention
b It may be placed at a classic car part auction
11 a Gave a video game heroine red hair, a clamshell bra, and a fish tail instead of legs
b Overly tubular
12 a Paraffin Pepsi or Coca-Candle
b Note Sleipnir leaves pinned outside his stable when he’s having a bad mane day
13 a Halloween accoutrements with oversized noses
b Try to murder the Super Bowl XXI MVP
14 a Scrap the same video game heroine as in 11a, but use her pixels for another character
b They bat for the pitcher… and will die one day
15 a One single step on the path to enlightenment
b Tell jokes to a seed shrimp
16 a You walk on it on your way into the beach
b Garden pest who had to get out of the whole Beltway scene

(Reminder: You're, of course, wearing your badges during Mystery Hunt. If you're gathering data on campus at night, please be extra-sure you have your badges.)

If you're not at MIT campus, you might appreciate these photos of the object: