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Big Top Carnival

The Aerialist

by Shelly Manber (acrobat), Todd Etter, Jesse Morris

The aerialist is making semaphore patterns with her legs and arms. Directly decoding the strings should yield garbage. The insight is that when the aerialist is upside down, you must orient her right side up before decoding the semaphore letter. After doing that, if you organize the message into four separate groups (orientation and arms/legs) you should get four words that, when rearranged, form JUDI DENCH BRITISH TITLE, which is DAME COMMANDER (of the British Empire).

	Right side up	Upside Down	
	Arms	Legs	Arms	Legs
1				D
2				E
3				N
4		B		
5		R		
6			T	
7				C
8			I	
9				H
10	J			
11		I		
12	U			
13	D			
14		T		
15		I		
16	I			
17		S		
18		H		
19			T	
20			L	
21			E