by Nancy Taubenslag
Problem: Christmas Town/​Halloween Town

Each tweet contains the definition for a neologism. The tweet writers’ names are anagrams of the persons who famously coined the words, with a clue to their identities in the handles. The hashtag refers to the tweet (not necessarily the neologism). Each neologism is the same length as the corresponding tweet’s hashtag, and exactly one letter is in common between them in the same position.

Solvers are also clued about the neologisms by the time stamp for each tweet. In each, the hour represents the clue number and the minutes represent a letter of the alphabet. When used in puzzle order, they spell out LOOKFORNEOLOGISMS.

Timestamp Tweet Writer Neologism Author Letter Extracted from Timestamp
1:12 AM 5 Jan 2019 Stewart Colt Walter Scott L
2:15 AM 5 Jan 2019 Cesla Hendricks Charles Dickens O
3:15 AM 5 Jan 2019 Donald S. Groesch Charles Dodgson O
4:11 AM 5 Jan 2019 Willis Gambino William Gibson K
5:06 AM 5 Jan 2019 Archie Drown Richard Owen F
6:15 AM 5 Jan 2019 Ramona Milner Norman Mailer O
7:18 AM 5 Jan 2019 Lance Willwerth Walter Winchell R
8:14 AM 5 Jan 2019 Irene Breinholt Robert Heinlein N
9:05 AM 5 Jan 2019 Mitzie A. Ionita Amitai Etzioni E
10:15 AM 5 Jan 2019 Darrin Shadwick Richard Dawkins O
11:12 AM 5 Jan 2019 Vennetta Mesfin Steven Fentiman L
12:15 PM 5 Jan 2019 Delores Hogtie Theodor Geisel O
1:07 PM 5 Jan 2019 Sharon Crider Richard Rosen G
2:09 PM 5 Jan 2019 Clark Peake Karel Capek I
3:19 PM 5 Jan 2019 Jim H. Nolton John Milton S
4:13 PM 5 Jan 2019 Santo F. Thinjaw Jonathan Swift M
5:19 PM 5 Jan 2019 Forest Hamull Thomas Fuller S

Once the neologisms and common letters are identified, the letter order is determined by the profile pictures. When the pictures are reordered alphabetically, the letters rearrange to BARDSHOBNOBCOMEDY. Shakespeare coined the word hobnob in the play Twelfth Night. So, the answer is TWELFTH NIGHT.

Author Profile Picture Neologism Hashtag Clue Letter
Amitai Etzioni Anteater McJob rehaB B
Steven Fentiman Baby Millionaire accumulAted A
John Milton Cat Terrific paRtners R
Theodore Geisel Dog Nerd fonD D
Sir Walter Scott Elephant Berserk monSter S
Charles L. Dodgson Frog Chortle sHrieks H
Karel Capek1 Gorilla Robot hOhum O
Richard Rosen Hulk Psychobabble overtrouBled B
Thomas Fuller Ice Unfriend removiNg N
Richard Owen Jellyfish Dinosaur obsOlete O
Charles Dickens Kangaroo Butterfingers Bellylaughing B
William Gibson Lion Cyberspace Consensual C
Robert Heinlein Moon Grok coOl O
Jonathan Swift Nose Truism dumduM M
Richard Dawkins Octopus Meme nicE E
Norman Mailer Pizza Factoid learneD D
Walter Winchell Queen Frenemy loyaltY Y

1. The word “robot” first appeared in print in Karel Capek's play R.U.R. Capek purportedly suggested that his brother Josef originally proposed the word.