Does a bad relationship have you bashing your head against the wall? The owl of wisdom sent along these tips to help you release your inner goddess.
1. Take your partner out to dinner. But make sure you’ve changed recently.
2. Find yourself going deeper and deeper? There must be a key to it…
3. When you want to feel your partner in sexy ways, first get a one-line summary of their info.
4. If you stare slackjawed at your partner, text them exactly what you want in a programmatic way to get over it—just not in a file.
5. When you go to your partner (in bed), write “empty” on the box of missing condoms.
6. When you want something smaller, don’t highlight what you wanted to find.
7. If you need help in your love life, find a guy friend. Ask him to give you an introduction.
8. When you could use a little extra something, no form is going to make you wait.
9. Before you get on top, make sure you tie your partner up.
10. Take it all off, and your partner will show you right where to put it.
11. Let them see your butt, but only a few times.
12. It’s OK to cop a feel, but don’t let that lead to the miracle of creation…
13. When the time is right, you can undo your fly. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
14. When was the last time you had any downtime with your partner? Be specific where you start counting!