By TK Focht

Each of the images cycling on the television consists of a slice from each of sixteen base images. Each base image contains an item or items in a bowl. Each is a hint to one of the forty-one current FBS college football bowl games. The title of the puzzle and the flavortext both point to the bowl game’s title sponsor being important. The number of each item in the bowl provides an index into the sponsor. The images are in a loop with a consistent ordering, and the loop starts with the image marked with a green bar.

Item/Bowl Game Number Title Sponsor Extracted Letter
Orange 1 (C)apital One C
Texas 1 (A)dvocare A
New Mexico 3 Gi(l)dan L
Sugar 2 A(l)lstate Insurance L
Holiday 4 Nat(i)onal Funding I
Cure 5 Auto(N)ation N
Poinsettia 1 (S)an Diego County Credit Union S
Cactus 4 Mot(e)l 6 E
Pinstripe 1 (N)ew Era N
Sun 5 Hyun(d)ai D
Citrus 3 Bu(f)falo Wild Wings F
Alamo 3 Va(l)ero L
Heart of Dallas 5 Zaxb(y)’s Y
Peach 3 Ch(i)ck-fil-A I
Rose 1 (N)orthwestern Mutual N
Cotton 1 (G)oodyear G

Reading the extracted letters in order results in CALL IN SEND FLYING, and SEND FLYING is the answer to this puzzle.