Solution - Rip van Winkle

by Mike Sylvia

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At the top of each puzzle in the round is a ninepins configuration with a single pin knocked over.

The answers, along with which pin is knocked over on each page:

  • ATROCITY (south pin)
  • CORDLESS (east pin)
  • ORATORIO (north pin)
  • PIANO TAB (east pin)
  • SELA WARD (east pin)
  • SPORTAGE (southwest pin)
  • TRAIPSES (south pin)
  • WALLAROO (north pin)

Each answer is eight letters and can be written in a diamond shape with one letter per pin, moving clockwise around the diamond from the starting point indicated by which pin is knocked over on its puzzle page. These diamonds can be overlapped to form a larger diamond, incidentally creating a ninth diamond shape in the center. This ninth diamond spells the meta answer, DROP BALL.

     A D     
    W   S    
   O A E S   
  O   L   C  
 O R L D O I 
I   A   R   T
 R T B O T Y 
  O   P   A  
   N I S G   
    A   E    
     R S