Solution - Whistle Training

by Mike Sylvia

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Each answer is two words, both with the property that a silent letter can be inserted without changing how the word is pronounced. The ten added letters are all different, and are exactly the ten letters used in the information given on the meta page (which must be highlighted to be seen). Extracting the letters in the specified positions relative to the inserted letters gives the meta answer, ECUADORIAN HUNTERS.

  • 2 after the L: haLv[e]
  • 1 after the S: S[c]ent
  • 2 before the B: pl[u]mB
  • 1 before the I: m[a]Ize
  • 1 after the E: minE[d]
  • 2 after the K: Kn[o]t
  • 2 before the A: [r]eAd
  • 1 after the H: wH[i]ne
  • 1 before the L: h[a]Lve
  • 2 after the H: wHi[n]e
  • 2 before the L: [h]aLve
  • 2 before the B: pl[u]mB
  • 1 after the K: K[n]ot
  • 4 after the S: Scen[t]
  • 1 before the A: r[e]Ad
  • 1 after the U: foU[r]th
  • 2 before the W: [s]oW