Solution - Wanderer

by Nathan Fung

Answer: Click here to reveal

This puzzle is about the work Here-There on the wall of the Media Lab. This work is mostly inside; however, this puzzle focuses on the leftmost portion of it which is outside and the parts visible from outside.

The steps include jumps and moves. After marking every square jumped to and every square that is moved over (jumping doesn't mark any square between the square being jumped from and the one jumped to), a drawing is drawn on the Media Lab wall.

This drawing consists of the 7x7 logos of four of the Media Lab groups: Social Machines, Biomechatronics, Fluid Interfaces, and Opera of the Future. However, each logo is missing some number of squares. Indexing into the words represented by the logos using the number of missing squares spells the answer LAMINAR.

Spreadsheet showing which squares each step marks.