Solution - The White House or Bust!

by Mark Halpin

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Identify each artwork by the breast detail shown. Index into the (English) name of the artwork by the sum of the numbers to the top and left. Where two breasts are used in a single image, double the letter.

Artworks used:

Girl on [A] Blue Pillow - Modigliani
The [BB]irth of Venus - Botticelli
M[O]na Lisa - Da Vinci
In [T]he Tepidarium - Alma-Tameda
Judit[H] 1 - Klimt
Se[A]ted Female Nude with Elbows Propped - Schiele
[LL]iberty Leading the People - Delacroix
D[A]naƫ - (Artemisia) Gentileschi
Two Women [R]unning on the Beach - Picasso
The Li[T]tle Mermaid - Eriksen
Win[G]ed Victory - unknown
Leda [A]nd the Swan - Rubens
Venus de Mi[LL]o - unknown
The Thr[E]e Graces - Raphael
The B[R]oken Column - Kahlo
Ameth[Y]st - Mucha