Solution - The TV Puzzle

by Eric Prestemon and Rajeev Nayak

Answer: Click here to reveal

Each title is in the style of one tv show, and describes one of the first 21 episodes of another tv show.

Arranged so Seinfeld is first (as hinted at by the puzzle title) and then continuing from there:

Title Style Describes Show Episode # Alphabet letter
Leslie's Baby Shower Party Down Seinfeld 15 O
The Hepatitis Scare Seinfeld Scrubs 21 U
My Opera Visit Scrubs Chuck 20 T
Chuck Versus His Nazi Grandfather Chuck It's Always Sunny 6 F
The Gang Watches Kickpuncher It's Always Sunny Community 15 O
Epistemology 532: Munchhausen Trilemma Community Big Bang Theory 18 R
The Marcus Beaton Squash Paradox Big Bang Theory Gossip Girl 20 T
The Mike Ito Coast Gossip Girl Remington Steele 8 H
Inside Steele Mountain Remington Steele Mr Robot 5 E
eps1.18_fram3d-c4r-cra5h.avc Mr Robot Perry Mason 19 S
The Case of the Left Behind Screwdriver Perry Mason Desperate Housewives 5 E
Seattle to Los Angeles Desperate Housewives Private Practice 1 A
In Which Sheldon is Grafted to a Tree Private Practice Hannibal 19 S
Chef Defonce Hannibal Friends 15 O
The One Where Kyle Learns The Blues Friends Party Down 14 N

So the answer is OUT FOR THE SEASON