Solution - So Smart

by Lee-kai Wang

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Malay, English, (Mandarin) Chinese, and Tamil are the four official languages of Singapore. Each of the phrases shown is the literal translation of one of the names of a Singapore Mass Rapid Transit station into one of these languages.

Once the stations (whose names themselves are derived from a hodgepodge of languages, dialects, and romanizations) are identified, the smallest number of stops in a trip between the two stations in each row gives the answer BANDEROL.

The title is also a reference to SMRT, one of the companies that operates public transport in Singapore.

First ColumnEnglish MeaningMRT StationSecond ColumnEnglish MeaningMRT Station# Stops (Transfers)Answer
empat wanita cantikfour beautiesSimeiprayer drumprayer drumBedok2 (0)B
湿米wet riceBras Basahtempat basuhwashing placeDhoby Ghaut1 (0)A
all nationsall nationsBuangkok锅海湾pot bayTelok Blangah14 (1)N
ஸ்டேடியம்stadiumStadiumpusat bandardowntownDowntown4 (1)D
一北one northone-northபுதிய கல்லறைnew cemeteryTiong Bahru5 (1)E
pandangan yang baikgood viewBuona VistaironwoodironwoodTampines18 (2)R
white sandwhite sandPasir Risபழத்தோட்டம்orchardOrchard15 (1)O
குன்று பார்வைhill viewHillview长沙long sandPasir Panjang12 (1)L