Solution - Quilt by Association

by Marc Spraragen

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Each piece of the quilt contains an image (with enumeration) having several characteristics. Each characteristic is shared by a set of associated images sharing a corner (see Table 3 below). So, the corner pieces of the quilt match 1 characteristic, edges 2, and interiors 4. Once the quilt is assembled, it becomes a shikaku puzzle ‐‐ some images are annotated with a number, representing the image count within the block. Other images are annotated with letters A‐H: one letter per block. Indexing block size into that block's lettered image's name gives the final answer CORDLESS.

Table 1: Solution

A. MCNugget Buddy -- 2 Fruit Stripe Zebra Banded Krait -- 4 Platypus Orohippus G. HorSe
Fruit Pie the Magician Tony the Tiger -- 12 Wally Wasp Blue-Ringed Octopus Hippocampus Centaur
Billy the Kid Louie the Lilac (played by Milton Berle) Charlotte A Cavatica (played by Debbie Reynolds) D. Japanese SpiDer Crab Suijin Isis
E. JuLiet Prowse Sid Caesar (as The General) -- 3 Nicholas Hammond (spiderman) Spider-Man (Piloting Leopardon) -- 4 B. ToyOtama- Hime Zeus (as bull) -- 3
H. BrutuS Henry Prince Gao Changgong (Romance of 3 Kingdoms video game) Galactus (Marvel vs. Capcom 3) Optimus Prime C. SiRius Black (in Azkaban Prison)
Sylvia Plath Gaetan, Count of Girgenti -- 6 Prince of Persia F. HEadcrab Mull -- 2 Edmond Dantes

Table 2: Shikaku layout (guaranteed unique by

2 4
3 4 3
6 2

Table 3: Association sets

Corners AB BC CD DE EF
12 cartoon mascots striped creatures venomous creatures "___pus" names equines
23 "X the Y" names alliterative names >4 legged creatures aquatic creatures hybrids
34 Muppet Show guests Love Boat guests spiders Japanese gods
45 Shakespearean names generals masked figures giant robots and monsters shapeshifters
56 suicides princes video game characters aliens prisoners